About Us

Maynard Hagemeyer bought into the family farm with his dad in 1947. With his Dad's death in 1948, it was up to Maynard and his wife Stella to keep the farm going. They tried their hand at Excavating and Pond building, Anhydrous Ammonia and Fertilizer, running a feed mill, and raising 6,000 chickens and selling eggs. In 1957, Maynard traded a few burros for a stud pony and eventually for a Standard bred Mare, Miss Windale. Miss Windale foaled some nice colts that propelled him further into harness racing. Eventually, Maynard built the farm racetrack and started training and driving. At his peak, there were between 68 and 98 horses in training annually, including 30+ yearlings. Finally, he began breeding with his first stud, Billy Jo Byrd. Stella, in addition to helping manage the farm business, served 28 years as race secretary for the OCRA fair stakes.

Maynard and Stella's 4 kids grew up helping with the farm and horses. Mel, Fred, Della and Ted were all involved in harness racing as grooms, trainers or drivers. Mel recently retired as Program Director and General Manager of Lebanon Raceway after 45 years. Mel also represents Harness Racing on the Warren County Fairboard and owns several broodmares.

Scott Hagemeyer, Mel's oldest son, is the current farm manager. Scott has been a groom, trainer, owner and breeder for over 20 years. He takes great pride in continuing the family business with the same strong ethics and hard work approach that has proven successful for all these years. Scott has been a Director of the OHHA Board Breeders section since 2015.  Hagemeyer Farms stands several pacing and trotting stallions. The farm is very proud of our high conception rate for mares boarded at and bred by Hagemeyer Farms.

Lyndsay Hagemeyer, Scott's daughter,is a great help with the farm operations.  From stallion collection, inseminations, foaling assistance and daily care, she is an asset that is second to none.  We are very excited that Lyndsay was accepted to The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine.  She started class in August 2017 and is quickly learning the much needed skills of a future Veterinarian.